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Campaign setup: Creating your campaign

Campaign setup: Creating your campaign

To create a new campaign, you will need to be on the campaigns list view page. On this page you will see a green button in the top right corner labelled ‘New campaign’.  

Creating a new campai

Upon clicking this button, the below pop-up will be opened. 

Selecting a campaign type

From this screen you can choose your campaign type. Please note only single send campaigns currently use the new campaigns experience. Selecting another campaign type will still action, however you will be taken to the already existing campaigns experience.  

To choose you campaign you can either double click the campaign type or click it once so that it highlights green, you can then click the ‘Assign campaign type’ button in the bottom right.  

Upon assigning the campaign type ‘Single send email’ you will be taken to the page where you can begin editing your campaign.  

Your campaign will automatically be given a name with today’s date and the tag ‘Single Send Campaign’ will also automatically be applied.  

Campaign edit screen

Now that you are on this page you can begin setting up your campaign. Please refer to our other help articles for help on each section of campaign setup. 

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