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Campaign setup tab: Audience

Campaign setup tab: Audience

Campaign setup tab: Audience 

 Your audience is all the people who will receive your campaign. An audience will be made up of groups, preferences, or both.  

Please note when both a group and preference is selected, only contacts who are in both the selected group and have the selected preference will be sent the campaign.  


Adding a group or preference  

To add a group or preference you have a couple of options. You can either click the ‘Select all’ button, which will apply every group or preference you have in your subaccount to your audience.  

If you are sending to a select amount of your total audience, you can click the ‘Select’ button, which will bring up the below pop-up.  

Applying your audience

Here you can see a list of several groups or preferences you have within your subaccount. You can then select them on the left-hand side.  

Alternatively, if you have lots of groups or preferences within your account, not all may be available from the list, and so there is an option to search too. After entering a minimum of three characters, those that meet the search criteria will be brought up.  

Search function

When selecting groups, there is also an option to filter by ‘Show all’, ‘Featured’ or ‘Recently used’. Selecting one of these will also filter your groups.

Group filters

Featured groups will be shown at the top of list just like the experience on the groups page within e-shot, making it easier to select groups which you may consider your most popular ones. 

Removing a group or preference  

To remove a group or preference, you can either click the ‘Remove all’ links, which will remove all current chosen groups or preferences. Alternatively, you can click the ‘x’ next to the one you wish to remove if you have multiple selected and only want to remove one. 

Removing a group or preference

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