Take control of your deliverability with e-shot™ Forensics

Take control of your deliverability with e-shot™ Forensics

Deliverability is key to your email campaign, impacting your success even before your great subject line or fabulous content. You have no doubt heard of inbox review, but our new functionality takes your review to the next level.

With the new e-shot™ Forensics you can review your campaign’s deliverability either before or after you hit send, benchmarking against your other campaigns, your chosen region and your chosen industry. Ideal for giving context to your management reporting.

E-shot™ Forensics tests for both content issues and infrastructure issues. If you have a dedicated domain as part of your e-shot™ account you can be confident that you will not have any infrastructure issues, but if you are sending campaigns from your own domain this will highlight any issues impacting your sends.

Your content review will include vocabulary and copywriting issues along with coding and layout and link quality issues highlighting areas to adjust to optimise your campaign.  Giving you guidance on words and phrases that boost or hinder your mails likelihood of hitting your recipient’s inbox, rather than their spam folder.

You can review your mails and track your progress over time and use issues highlighted here to talk to your account manager and review how to improve your campaigns.

Knowledge is power, so e-shot™ gives more power to you, so you can build flawless campaigns that can work their magic in your contact inbox, avoiding spam traps and junk folders.

Get your message in front of your targets with the help of e-shot™ forensics.

If you would like to learn more about Deliverability and how you can work to improve yours, we offer regular webinars specifically on this topic. 

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