Proud sponsors of PRCA Employee Engagement Conference

Proud sponsors of PRCA Employee Engagement Conference

Building Engagement in a Hybrid World

Join us on Wednesday, 21st September with host Annabel Dunstan of Question & Retain as we look at some of these key issues in an afternoon of conversation and debate.

This virtual event is a great chance to reflect on some of the changes that are shaping the internal communications profession.

Topics include:

·       Mental health and wellbeing

·       Disability in the workplace

·       Hybrid working

·       Security in the workplace (cyber and inside threat!)

(This event is worth 20 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.)


Why internal comms is even more crucial in the “new normal”

Creating engaging employee email should be front of mind for communication pros, especially in the “new normal” of the workplace, with employees doing some combination of on-site, remote, and hybrid work. 

According to a study by Microsoft of 30,000 workers, over 70% still want some remote work available to them, 65% also want some time in-person, and 66% of business leaders are considering redesigning their office space to better accommodate a remote employees. The hybrid workforce, whether we like it or not, is here to stay.

Focus on reliable channels

Communication has become faster and easier in many ways, but the excess of channels often leads to confusion when it comes to identifying messages of actual importance. This is especially true of email. But despite repeated claims that email is dead or dying, it remains a central communication channel in most organizations. And it's not hard to see why. Email is fast, it's accessible on any device — including mobile — and it's easy to use.

Engagement is valuable

Internal communication is critical for keeping your employees up-to-date on how a company is doing, its latest initiatives and changes, establishing trust and fighting the rumour mill, and providing a way for a leadership team to deliver – and receive – clear communications among departments while working to increase employee engagement.

On the flip side, according to research by Gartner, poor communication amongst employees is responsible for 70% of corporate errors. Poor company comms is also the top contributor to disengagement, according to Gallup. The overall percentage of engaged workers during 2022 is only 34%, down from 39% in 2021, so there is definitely work to be done to get those numbers up.

And since it has been shown that companies with a high level of employee engagement are more profitable by a factor of 21%, properly communicating with them is vital not only to their own personal success but also to the organisation.

Proper workplace communication increases productivity

Data has shown that employees with functioning communication networks in a work-from-home setting are more productive, have greater work-life balance, and have overall better mental health. Proper workplace communication increases productivity and creativity, and there are multiple reasons why a comprehensive communications management plan should be a part of corporate and business strategy.

First and foremost, effective workplace communication builds and maintains relationships across an organisation. Relationships are managed by the key interactions that take place every day. Virtual, work-from-home models have created a significant challenge for businesses in managing and building the relationships between their employees.

Being part of something bigger

By feeling valued, heard, and cared for, employees start to identify themselves with the company’s vision, values, and goals. By carefully following email best practices when setting up internal communications, you can play an important role in helping employees reach their full potential and become more engaged in every aspect of their job.  

Especially in this “new normal” of remote and hybrid workforces, your company cannot afford to neglect employee communication. Your workers are depending on you to deliver targeted, relevant, and personalised communications, so they can do their job effectively. It’s up to you to make it happen!

By working to build, follow, and measure employee email best practices at your organization, you’ll be doing your part to meet business goals, increase employee engagement, and make for a better employee experience. Just think about how much your company would benefit even if your employees had just a ten percent increase in workplace satisfaction! Successful email communication is the key to that success.

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