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Restore trust in your inbox

Restore trust in your inbox

When you physically interact with an official or tradesperson, they tend to carry a form of identification to verify their credentials. A police uniform and badge for example. 

When you follow a celebrity or prominent organisation on social media, they tend to have a Verified badge on their account to prove they are the real deal. 

Yet, when you receive an email reminder about your tax bill from the government or a notification from your bank, there is no such verification of the sender being genuine.  

Anyone can pretend to be anyone via email. The numerous forms of email verification that currently exist can be set up quickly with a modest amount of technical knowledge. This is why criminals use email for fraudulent purposes on a daily basis. It is easy for them to impersonate official organisations using email. Your bank and your government have no reliable way to pre-emptively protect you as they have no technical solution for your inbox. Instead, they rely on education; teaching employees and customers alike what to look out for. 

It isn’t working. $billions is being lost due to email fraud and the global pandemic has poured fuel on an already raging fraud firestorm. TrendMicro identified nearly 9 million cybersecurity threats in the first few months of the pandemic and over 91% of these threats used email as the delivery mechanism. 

Even in enterprise and despite huge technological advances, cybersecurity software relies on educated guesswork and fraud already having been identified to separate genuine emails from malicious ones. Not only do they frequently miss threats, they also incorrectly block legitimate, important communication from official organisations as spam. 

A different approach is needed. One that simplifies things for those most at risk of email fraud. Trustbox has been designed to specifically address the issue of official organisations being impersonated by fraudsters. 

Trustbox identifies the organisation behind each genuine email that you receive. It also verifies whether that organisation has permission to communicate with you – combining data protection and cybersecurity to protect the organisations sending and the contacts receiving emails.  

It works with any existing inbox and protects all email users against fraud. It also helps them track and manage their consent relationship with organisations who email them. 

Certified organisations can provide reassurance to customers with visible and consistent proof of identity and consent in their inboxes, improving both engagement and confidence in their communications 

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Email recipients can easily see the status, so they can act accordingly, and can see if they have consented to be part of the mailing list. 

With new email threats emerging continuously, a focus on who is genuine rather than who may not be will reduce fraud and improve trust between organisations and those who they need to send emails to. 

Trustbox is currently in closed beta, but as an e-shot customer, your sending domains will automatically be added to the Trustbox registry as Trustbox Certified. Find out more and stay up to date by visiting: 

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