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Linking to a calendar in your emails

Linking to a calendar in your emails

Ever wanted a recipient of your emails to easily add one of your events to their calendar? In a few steps, this is achievable in your emails and all of e-shotTM’s email types support this. 

Although there are many calendar applications available to use, this article focuses on using only 2 of the most popular formats, to help keep your email designs nice and clean. iCalendar for Apple Mail and Outlook Calendar share one format (called ICS) and then Google Calendar uses its own format. 

For the ICS format, you will need to create a file and host it on your own website. Don’t worry about the creation: marudot provide a wonderful tool to help you get a nice ICS file ready in about a minute. Just be advised: the Outlook app does not support the URL field so, if you want to specify a URL, you ought to do so in the Description as well as the URL field. 

For Google Calendar, the tool by kalinka is even quicker to use, and there’s no file to host: the whole calendar item is created, in its entirety, in the URL that’s generated. 

As a result, you ought to end up with two different URLs: one to your site where the ICS file is hosted, and another to Google Calendar. You can now create an email with two links/buttons, one for Outlook/Apple Mail/other and one for Google Calendar. Regardless what email design type you use, you can paste these links in as URLs (or just paste them in plain if using Plain Text or SMS creation methods). 

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