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Serve your best email marketing campaign with the help of Wimbledon

Serve your best email marketing campaign with the help of Wimbledon

It’s that time of year again, as one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events begins and Britain consumes its fair share of strawberries and cream....Wimbledon!

But how could Wimbledon and email marketing be related you say? Well, it turns out tennis & email marketing may have more in common than we knew.

Here are 3 underlying rules to remember to help you ace your next email campaign.

Attract your viewers from the first serve

This year’s Wimbledon single finalists will play 7 matches during the course of the 2 weeks of the tournament. With everyone competing to get as far as they can, the competition is tough and can be exhausting. We have seen in previous years competitors commit too much in earlier rounds of the competition, resulting in not having enough energy at the end.

Similarly, marketers can commit too much effort when creating emails. Newsletters with too many articles or nurturing emails that have multiple calls to action take time to write. By creating a short content plan and rationing your content, you can save energy and stretch your content over a longer time.   

When you are writing your emails, look for the easy wins so that you and your audience don’t get exhausted early on. Don’t make emails too long and have clear calls to action so your audience can get through to the next round.  

Don't break the colour code 

Since 1877 the tennis players have only been allowed to wear white on the court. When creating your email campaigns think “What would Murray wear….”.

White space also known as negative space should play a big role when designing the layout of your emails. White space allows viewers to break up and digest information in your email, resulting in navigating your subscriber’s eye line to your CTA’s. Once your subscribers are paying attention to your call-to-actions, you’re in for the Grand Slam! 

Always keep score 

A first serve is often full of power but lacks accuracy. So far this year only 62% of 1st serves have been “in”. However, the 2nd serve gives the players another chance to win the point by being more accurate. Bear this in mind when you are sending a follow-up campaign.

If you keep everything the same as your first serve (email) then you run the risk of having exactly the same results. Instead, look at what happened with your last campaign. What levels of engagement did you get, what links were clicked etc. and make small adjustments to your follow-up to make it more accurate. 

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