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Link in Bio Apps: The Missing Piece of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Link in Bio Apps: The Missing Piece of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Social Media is a powerful tool to reach an audience of thousands, however it lacks in many areas in which email is key. Obtaining a following is great, but it is nowhere near as powerful as having an active mailing list. It is not a competition between the two, the key to getting the most out of your marketing strategy is to utilise the strengths of the each and bring them together for the most successful outcome.

What are “Link in bio” apps?

Link in bio apps are online tools that allow users or organisations to create a single, customisable landing page to be home to all their important links, proving extremely useful on social media platforms like TikTok which only allow 1 link showing on your profile page. A single link is very limiting, which is why services such as Linktree have gone viral, as they provide a fast and simple solution to this problem.

Once you sign up to one of these platforms, you are prompted to set your “Link in bio,” for example our Link Tree link is . Once this is set you can fill your page with a single column selection of hyperlinks, blogs, videos and data collection tools; giving your follower base more options to choose from when they press the singular link in your bio. Link in bio’s are also extremely easy to remember ( 😉)

eshot linktree


As time has gone on, Link in Bio platforms have expanded from just allowing you to quickly make a single landing page with hyperlinks, today they incorporate a variety of other features to further increase their utility.

Let’s explore the common ones below:

  • Multi-link tool – Allow organisations to drive visitors to a variety of web destinations such as other social media platforms, blogs, their websites and even take payments; all on a single page.

  • Easy customisation – Drag and drop page editors are common in Link in Bio platforms. These editors allow you to easily customise most parts of the page through a friendly UI (User Interface). Often offering users a paid plan to unlock more features inside the editor.

  • Time based campaigns - Want a link to expire after ‘X days’? These tools allow you to do just that.

  • Data collection – Collect data via forms such as names or email addresses.

  • Integrations – Data needs to be fed into somewhere. Link in bio platforms aim to integrate with as many services as possible to maximise their user base.

  • Tracking – Link based tracking is possible on most of the Link in bio platforms however advanced analytics / features are usually behind a pay wall.

Here are 10 popular Link in bio services:



  3. JotForm


  5. Taplink

  6. Shorby

  7. Bio.FM

  8. ContactInBio

  9. ManyLinks

  10. EverLinks

How can public sector organisations use Link in Bio Services?

  • Including important links – Every public sector organisation has more than one piece of key information they would like to share. Link in bio services allow for an all-in-one place for the public to access key information.

  • Add forms into your Link in Bio (more in detail below*) - Collect valuable information from your followers such as email addresses and more.

  • Time based links – Time based links can allow public sector orgs to guarantee content is unpublished or changed to stay relevant.

Councils Using Linktree

Bridging the gap between email and social is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

Combining the power of email with the power of link in bio services allows organisations to get the most out of both social and email. Every link in bio should include some kind of email data collection such as a newsletter sign up. This way organisations can convert their followers into email subscribers.

Why is this important?

Email is a much more trustworthy and powerful direct method of communication than social media. It offers higher levels of personalisation, ownership of your channel and behaviour-based communications.

Link in Bio links are often the most visited link referred from an organisation’s social media accounts, which means substantial amounts of traffic visit the web page. Including a form of email collection seems like a no brainer, however to our surprise this is not common practice.

If you would like to see a real example of this done, you can visit our Link in bio here.

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