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Forms & landing pages walkthrough: Platform overview

Forms & landing pages walkthrough: Platform overview

Collecting sign ups is a key aspect of email marketing. Forms, landing pages and preference centres make this possible as they allow for users to submit their details and trigger follow up actions. e-shot makes it simple to create these components and link them together. 

By watching the video, you will learn about: 

  1. How forms, landing pages and preference centres fit together. 

  1. Single & double opt-ins. 

  1. Creating forms that match your organisation’s branding. 

  1. Creating landing pages to house your forms. 

This is one of three videos in our walk-through series, be sure to also look at our 'Campaigns' video as well as our 'Designs' walkthrough video, both of which can be found on our blog page. We will be making more videos teaching you all about our platform, why not subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss useful content we release in the future.  

Watch the forms & landing pages walkthrough
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