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Template showcase: Background image template

Template showcase: Background image template

In this edition of our template showcase we are looking at design that used a background image and some interesting design features to add interest to an action-orientated mid-length newsletter style format.

Why we love this template:


"The use of circular images not only adds interest but enables the creator to use extracts from images for great effect. With the primary message detailed immediately, along with a pronounced CTA button, this action-oriented design provides space for supporting detail which doesn't overshadow the main call-to-action"



"A clean template with a great two-column section that uses intuitive sensitive stacking: the section with circular images/text stacks in reverse direction on the middle two items, preventing mobile users from seeing image, text, text, image, image text. The reservation section has been set up to look impactful on both desktop and mobile."



“This is a great template for a newsletter or product showcase. There is a good ratio of text to imagery and is a very digestible format with enough white space to allow the information ‘space to breath’ again aiding engagement of the recipient.”

circular imagery for impact

Considerations when making it your own

One of the aspects that gives this template its clean feel, and allows for additional white space, is the use of circular images (if you don’t have a specialist photo editing tool you use there are free resources that can help you – for example creating circular images using canva)..

Keep your headline punchy – max 5 words

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