API integration

API integration

Programmatic access to contacts, campaigns and a completely dizzying array of other email and SMS data points

Connected communications

APIs make it easy to efficiently share data and processes. Ours works quietly in the background to send email and SMS, and to pass data about campaigns and contacts, to a variety of systems. 

The e-shot API conforms to the Open API specification v3, providing a self-documenting API that can easily be used to construct and test API calls.  Everything you can do in our user interface has a programmatic equivalent.  

More technical information and call examples can be found in our Postman API Documentation.

Open API v3
Main operations

Main operations

Read/write endpoints enable you to:

  • Manage contacts

  • Manage groups

  • Manage campaigns

  • Manage designs

  • Report on interactions

  • Report on bounces and unsubscribes

The REST API adheres to the OData standard for reads with all requests to write data carried out by making specifically defined POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE requests. Take a look at our Postman API Documentation.

Common use cases

Common use cases

Customer Engagement – Pass contact information to and from your CRM to enable dynamic personalisation, enrich contact and company data, track preferences and activity history.

Websites – Pass form data to trigger autoresponders and automatically create emails and SMS from site content.

Analytics – Examine campaign and contact data at a highly granular level.



The API is accessed by passing a token in the authorization header.

Access to the API can be restricted by IP address.

API tokens can be restricted to specific sub-accounts.

The API is monitored 24/7/365 and protected by Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems. All data is encrypted using SSL and TLS enforced connectivity.

If required, API access can be disabled to an account.

Technical consultancy and development

Technical consultancy and development

Our in-house development team can provide support for testing and using our API.

We also offer full-service development to integrate with other systems including building middleware solutions that work with our API and others. Full technical scoping and project management can also be provided in-house.

We do not outsource for quality management and security purposes.

Our developers have been screened to the Baseline Personnel Security Standard required for Government work.

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