Case Study: Xel Training

e-shot™ gives an emailing masterclass to leading business training provider

Xel Training & Development is a well-respected, Preston based team, specialising in sales, leadership and customer service training. Providing practical and cost effective training and consultancy services. Xel Training help ambitious businesses grow by focusing on the key business areas that bring profitability and results. Offering a programme of nationally available in-house and public training courses.

Xel Training


Xel training moved to e-shot™ after finding email to be an effective lead generation and brand awareness mechanism. They were looking for a more efficient solution as mounting costs from design agencies required to create their HTML mails and a cost per send pricing model was having a negative impact on the ROI of their campaigns. Whilst the content and engagement levels of their campaigns were good, the results were impacted by these supplementary costs, that Xel were keen to take control of.


“e-shot™ is a cost effective way of generating new leads and enquiries. The ease of being able to do our own design work, and the fantastic drag and drop functionality means we can send professional looking emails without the need of a design agency”

Andrew Jones, Managing Director

How e-shot™ helped

Xel became aware of e-shot™ through the connection with Canddi. The integration, which is built into the e-shot™ dashboard and tracking capabilities the “Beyond the Click” service, enabled Xel to not only see the direct impact their email communications had on website visits, but the detail of those visitor journeys “beyond their click-through”. The ability to identify leads and understand their key areas of interest fuel the Xel sales team with valuable insight helping them take full advantage of their follow-up contacts. 

The simplicity of the e-shot™ platform, in particular the “drag and drop” creation method, enable the Xel marketing team create professional emails with ease. With no requirement of an outside design agency and the ability to create professional mails quickly and effectively, Xel have been able to increase the frequency and variety of their campaigns – without having to think twice about budget, as no additional expenditure is required for each new mailshot.

Results, ROI and the future

The importance of consistent, ongoing engagement with their recipients cannot be overlooked, as training is a very volatile market – where the impact of external factors can tremendously influence buyer behaviour. Reminding customers and prospects of the importance of investing in training for their team is fundamental to Xel’s bottom line. e-shot™ provides a simple and cost effective way to ensure high-quality on-going professional contact. 

Xel have continued to use email to build brand awareness and drive traffic to their website, along with tactical campaigns to support the public course programme. Through Canddi and the granular reporting capabilities of e-shot™ they are evolving their campaigns. They are currently using all the basic functionality extremely effectively and are looking forward to broadening their email communications to include some of the more advanced features including automated series and SMS.


The support team are second to none. They are always quick to jump on our requests and help. They have guided us, to ensure we get everything we need from the platform. We are really pleased with e-shot™ and would definitely recommend it.

Andrew Jones, Managing Director
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