Case Study: Omniledger

Omniledger’s marketing team are right at home with e-shot™

OmniLedger develops leading solutions to tackle modern social housing sector requirements with their fully integrated Pyramid Housing Management System. With over 150 customers OmniLedger is firmly established as one of the leading suppliers of affordable housing management systems in the UK and Ireland. They have been using e-shot™ and the e-shot survey tool since 2013 to build and support their development and engagement strategies.



As a Saas company customers have an annual contract and as part of this have communications throughout their lifecycle, alongside account management support. Email is used for generating brand interest with prospects, building the brand and keeping the name front of mind. For customers email is used for urgent notifications, general updates, new product releases and events. The team also use the survey tool for new product development research, keeping abreast of what customers want to ensure development is focusing on the most critical issues.


The email design and reporting tools in e-shot™ mean I can send professional campaigns and allow me to understand the preferences of our audience as well as effectively remaining front of mind

Eric Lau, Sales Assistant

How e-shot™ helped

Omniledger’s team use e-shot to manage all their communication data, easily managing and maintaining customer contact preferences. Using the newsletter sign up form on the website allows the direct sign-up and simple communication flow after the initial contact. 

e-shot™ is much more flexible than the previous system the team were using, and they relish the ability to create new, great looking emails that are fully branded. The system is so easy to use, particularly the drag and drop creation method the team can quickly and effectively produce engaging campaigns without the need of html experts or expensive agencies, nor are they restricted to inflexible templates. 

The comprehensive reporting tools are also invaluable delivering insight and engagement statistics so the team can continue to develop their campaign schedules and build on their success.

Results, ROI and the future

Using the eshot™ reports the team were able to identify engagement and roi and promote training courses to their existing customer base. Using email only they were able to fill 71% of their seats purely on a single e-shot campaign. Using A/B testing the team were able to hone their communications and test both content and time of send to optimise their campaign. 

After the success of the research using the survey tool, the team are committed to further research projects and customer monitoring. e-shot™ will continue to be the hub for all customer and prospect contact management as it is a reliable easy way to track unsubscribes and bounces.


We use e-shot™ to engage with our customers and keep them up to date. The platform is really easy to use and means we can effectively keep our name front of mind with our customers and prospects. We also use the survey tool for research, so we know what our customers want and then we can deliver what they need.

Eric Lau, Sales assistant
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