Case Study: Absolute Accountancy

E-shot is just the job for professional London recruiter.

Absolute Accountancy specialise in recruiting accountancy and finance professionals across London and the Home Counties. Working in a highly competitive market, suppling permanent, interim and temporary personnel at all levels of the finance hierarchy. With an enviable client base consisting of owner managed businesses through to FTSE listed companies, firms of chartered accountants and not-for-profit organisations.

Absolute Accountancy


Absolute Accountancy were looking for an effective, cost effective way to communicate with both customers and clients to promote their brand as well as generate leads. With a strong events strategy for client engagement, Absolute Accountancy also work with the e-shot™ event management tools to organise and manage their customer events. By continually engaging with potential clients the team are building a database of knowledge of their interests to see which aspects of the event programmes they would be best suited to, and segmenting them accordingly.


The understanding you can achieve of your audience through e-shot™’s reporting means that we can create ever-more effective campaigns. We would be lost without the details and insights that we get from the reports. Better still, the reports are really easy to use, so you don’t have to spend hours trawling through raw data. 

Chantal Estevez-Carrera, Office Manager

How e-shot™ helped

Absolute Accountancy moved from a free-service to e-shot™ in 2016, looking for more information and understanding on the efficacy of their campaigns. The reporting capabilities that e-shot™ offered were a key reason for adopting the platform. The insights provided by e-shot™’s reporting tools are used by every aspect of the business. Emails detailing potential candidates are tracked to understand client interest, the event promotion programme is used to engage clients and their corporate hospitality preferences which is then used inform future communications. In addition, for both campaign types the results are used to prioritise call-backs, so the sales team can maximise the use of their time.

With corporate hospitality a strategic focus, having an easy to use system to fulfil all aspects of the management of their events ensures they can keep costs down by keeping control in house. The team can create a ‘one-stop-shop’ of event information and event system then ensure a professional registration experience for the attendees. The programme is supported by a detailed email communication strategy and comprehensive reporting. Events, like email, are used to cut through and engage with a highly pressurised, time-poor audience.

Results, ROI and the future

Email is pivotal for brand awareness and has also proved to be a useful ice-breaker for the team. Recruitment is a highly competitive market and decision makers are often ‘protected’ by a series of gate-keepers, which can make calling ineffective, as well as costly. Email can by-pass the telephone gatekeepers getting directly to the right person, giving the opportunity to educate them about the brand and pave the way for a follow-up call, rather than a cold contact. Coupling the cut through of great email with a corporate hospitality incentive is a powerful combination.

Moving forward Absolute Accountancy are looking to replicate their success in the IT recruitment market. By managing their campaigns through a new sub-account, they can keep their data and segmentation organised and focussed. They are also able to expand the communication strategy, without additional head-count, as creating consistent and engaging communications to both audiences through the “drag and drop” email builder is easy and fast, also allowing mails to be “cloned” which can speed the process even further.

The team will continue to build on their market understanding, testing and analysing their results in terms of content engagement, lead generation/event attendance and ROI. They are also looking to build more sophisticated automated engagement programmes into their communication strategy for additional time-savings.


We are only a small firm, so having an easy and cost effective way to communicate with our large customer base and keep our brand ‘front of mind’ is really important. e-shot™ helps us keep our clients and prospects up-to-date with our corporate hospitality programme, and through the reporting we understand warm leads so we can prioritise our call-backs. It plays a crucial part in our event success.

Chantal Estevez-Carrera, Office Manager
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