Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Manage your campaigns by organisation, not just by individual

Drag and Drop

Dynamic content

Simple split testing

Email healthcheck

Empowering your prospecting from the outset

Whether or not you have a committed ABM strategy, chances are that as a B2B marketer you are using ABM methodologies and tactics. Focusing your efforts on clearly defined targets and aligning your sales and marketing teams to collectively work these relationships is a recipe for success and e-shot can help you achieve your goals.

With the e-shot™ ultimate you can manage your contacts as individuals, groups or organisations and monitor their engagement with your mails, your website and your proposition.

Sound interesting? Simply by bringing together some of e-shot's easy to use monitoring and reporting tools you can manage your ABM programmes, whether you chose to call it ABM or not.

Read more about ABM in our blog.

Account View

Account View

Get a complete picture of the engagement of an account. See individuals as a collective entity and understand their overall lead score and most recent activity.

Watch contact

Watch contact

Once you have identified key targets, either individuals or companies it is possible to set up a watch, so you can stay hot on the heels of key contacts.

Free email marketing healthcheck - icon

Email marketing healthcheck

We are confident that we can help you, which is why we offer a free healthcheck to identify potential issues with your current programme and free advice on things that could be done to improve it.

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