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Email and SMS remain the most reliable and cost-effective digital channels to engage with your audience, but the added complexities of privacy, accessibility and security can be challenging.

e-shot is the simple and secure marketing automation platform trusted by private and public sector organisations to deliver highly effective email and SMS campaigns. e-shot can help you to embrace more efficient and targeted ways of communicating, whilst also delivering on the highest data protection and security standards.  


Case study

The Education and Skills Funding Agency

"As a government department we are held to a higher standard. Our ability to ensure that our audience receives the right information at the right time, that their data is accurate and secure and we provide a ‘single source of truth’ are the cornerstones to our communication strategy. And e-shot is key in making that happen."      

The environment is fast paced and it is essential that consistent communications can be created and signed off quickly and easily by multiple teams and authors. The ease and sophistication of the messages that can be built with e-shot fulfils this requirement.  

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We continually invest in the technology and resources to ensure the tightest security and privacy by design into our service, and we've got the badges to prove it.

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