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Email and SMS remain the most reliable and cost-effective digital channels to engage with your audience, but the added complexities of privacy, accessibility and security can be challenging.

e-shot™ is the simple and secure digital communication platform trusted by the public sector to run highly effective campaigns. Whether it is newsletters to millions or notifications to individuals, e-shot gives you the solution and support to deliver highly personalised and accessible messaging to your audience.

e-shot can help you to embrace more efficient and targeted ways of communicating, whilst also delivering on the highest data protection and security standards.  


Case study

The future of Essex direct communications

When we went out to market, we found e-shot provided great value for money compared to our current provider. Were really focused on improved functionality and future improvements and developments and they provided great training and support through blogs, articles and face-to-face conversations that really helped us during the onboarding and implementation process.

Louise Alabaster - Senior Content Advisor

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We continually invest in the technology and resources to ensure the tightest security and privacy by design into our service, and we've got the badges to prove it.

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