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e-shot™ is the marketing automation platform that successful marketers use to deliver highly effective email campaigns.

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It's a lot to deal with. Higher marketing costs. Lower response rates. More competitors and less engagement with the content you worked so hard to create. All of this on top of having to spend all that time on the GDPR.

If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you will keep on getting what you’re getting, but change can be daunting. e-shot™ can help you to modernise your digital marketing and to embrace more efficient and targeted ways of communicating. From lead nurturing to remarketing, from newsletters to autoresponders, e-shot™ provides a simple solution to a sophisticated area of modern marketing. This is how… 


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Driving deliverablity and engagement to building brand advocates and increasing ROI   

“e-shot™ is easy to use, straightforward and highly functional. It has been brilliant for our company. The API is well ahead of the game and the developers got things done extremely quickly. In fact, the IT support and technical support in general is outstanding”

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We are confident that we can help you, which is why we offer a free healthcheck to identify potential issues with your current programme and free advice on things that could be done to improve it.

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