In-leads® website tracking

In-leads® website tracking

Better leads from your website

in-leads® is available to existing e-shot™ clients or as part of our marketing cloud solution for new customers

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Website visitor identification and tracking

It's a challenge. You know that potential customers are doing more of their research and due diligence at distance and online, but your sales pipeline still needs feeding. You’ve got some great content marketing that is generating data capture, but there is a bit of disconnect between those interested in your whitepapers and webinars and those interested in your actual proposition.

In-leads® helps you to give context to those who register via your website. It does not matter if they are booking a demo or downloading a whitepaper, in-leads® gives you a complete record of the contact's prior interactions with your site and tracks subsequent interactions with other pages.

You can then spot buying behaviour and pass opportunities to your sales team that are qualified by their interactions with your website.

How in-leads® helps you



Every visitor to your website is tracked by deploying a single line of code to your website.


Track multiple domains and control how and where our tracking works.

Visitor priorities


Get a complete view of a contact’s interactions with your website


Filter visitors by the pages or categories of page they visit to only see what is important.

Follow-up management


Trigger alerts to tell you when contacts are looking at important pages.


Implement lead scoring to give visitor analytics structure based on cumulative site interactions.



Schedule email reports to get an overview of website visitor activity.


Sync data from website visitor activity back into your CRM and other applications.



Deploy simple signup forms to your website that reconcile previous anonymous behaviour with a newly identified contact


Pass data back to in-leads® programmatically from your existing website forms to identify new contacts with previous website interactions

Website tracking

Many marketing tools can tell you about what is happening on your website, but we tell you who is on your website and what they are doing.


Website analytics

By monitoring and measuring the content and actions that lead to actual business, you can more ably develop new content and campaigns that deliver a great ROI.

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Lead generation

Our lead generation tools enable you to deploy forms to your website that can trigger professional automatic responses, but can also then reconcile that contact with previous website behaviour.

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APIs make it easy to efficiently share data and processes. They work quietly in the background, making the interactivity we expect — and rely upon — possible.

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