Deliverability On-Demand Webinar

Deliverability On-Demand Webinar

This webinar deals with one of the most complex areas of email marketing. But will provide you with actionable insights that you can implement immediately

Don't put up with disappointing deliverabilty

There are many technical elements to making sure your email marketing gets delivered, but the most important aspects of good deliverability relate to your data and your content. Learn about the five things you should be doing to keep your emails out of junk in our 20 minute dedicated webinar.  Why not take a look.  

We're here to help

We're here to help

Deliverability is one of the biggest challenges affecting email marketing and working with an expert team to help get it right is essential.

We offer a free healthcheck on your most recent campaign. We offer best practice advice and series of more than 40 checks before giving you a report of areas to address, potential improvements and things to consider for future mails. Find out more

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Reputation is everything

Reputation is everything

Reputation is a critical element in deliverability. This is the technical bit; sending domains and IP addresses. DMARC and SPF records. It’s complex, it’s boring. It’s the stuff we look after, so that you don’t have to worry.

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Case study

Executive Grapevine

Driving deliverablity and engagement to building brand advocates and increasing ROI   

“e-shot™ is easy to use, straightforward and highly functional. It has been brilliant for our company. The API is well ahead of the game and the developers got things done extremely quickly. In fact, the IT support and technical support in general is outstanding”

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Email marketing healthcheck

We are confident that we can help you, which is why we offer a free healthcheck to identify potential issues with your current programme and free advice on things that could be done to improve it.

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