e-shot Referral Programme Terms and Conditions


“The Company” or “We” means Forfront Limited a company registered in England and Wales with company number 3643637 whose registered office is situate at Paternoster House, 65 St Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AB, and whose trading address is Forfront Ltd. Global House, 1 Ashley Avenue, Epsom KT18 5AD;

“The Customer” or “You” means the person or organisation that refers a different person or organisation to The Company.

“Eligible Referral” or “Third Party” means a new customer lead for the direct purchase of a Subscription from The Company.

“Programme” means the facilities and incentives provided by The Company to enable The Customer to introduce Eligible Referrals to The Company.

“Subscription” means a new, signed agreement between The Company and a Third Party for the provision of software and services.

“Custom URL” means a link with a unique code that The Company uses to track and verify the source of any Eligible Referral

“Successful Referral” means a Valid Transaction from a Customer that results in new Subscription by a Third Party that is correctly tracked and recorded using the Customer’s Custom URL

“Referral Credit” means the credit to be provided by The Company to The Customer for Successful Referrals

“Valid Transaction” is a Referral made originating through the Customer’s Custom URL/Code

Program Overview

In compliance with these Terms and Conditions, The Customer will promote the Services of The Company to Eligible Referrals by way of a Custom URL and other supporting documentation and links to introduce The Company to Third Parties.

The Company shall maintain systems to track Eligible Referrals made by The Customer. An Eligible Referral to the Company shall be attributed and tracked to the Customer if the Customer requests registration of the Eligible Referral and the Company expressly agrees to that request. If and only if the Eligible Referral completes a Valid Transaction within 6 months of being referred and whilst it continues to be attributed to The Customer, then that customer shall be a Successful Referral for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.


Anti-Bribery Law

The Customer will comply with all applicable commercial and public anti-bribery laws ("Anti-Bribery Laws"), including, but not limited to, the UK Bribery Act of 2010, which prohibits corrupt offers of anything of value, either directly or indirectly to anyone, including government officials, to obtain or keep business or to secure any other improper commercial advantage. "Government officials" include any government employee; candidate for public office; and employee of government-owned or government-controlled companies, public international organisations, and political parties.


The Customer will comply with all applicable rules in contracts and terms that they may be subject to.

The Customer confirms that they have the legal authority to agree to these Terms and Conditions.

The Customer certifies that their contract of employment does not restrict them from participating in this Programme in relation to making referrals on behalf of The Company.

Any Referral made by The Customer will be made in good faith that it complies with these Terms and Conditions.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Customer will not make any referrals or use any content provided by The Company that;

  • will generate or facilitate spam or any form of prohibited commercial communication

  • will violate, or otherwise encourage the violation of, the legal rights of others

  • is for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory of fraudulent purpose

  • may bring The Company into disrepute

Termination and Modification of Terms

The Company may, at its sole discretion, terminate or amend the Programme and/or these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any amendments will be made available in writing

The Company may, at its sole discretion, refuse or reject any referral from any Customer who is in breach of these Terms and Condition or is in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Service available at:


The Customer has no obligation to make referrals under these Terms and Conditions

If The Company provides The Customer with an updated Custom URL or Incentives (and applicable terms and conditions), The Customer agrees to begin using, and will be subject to, such updated versions as soon as is practical having received them and no later than 30 days after receiving them.


Subject to the Terms and Conditions, The Company grants to The Customer a non-exclusive license to display The Company's Brand and Trademarks solely for the purpose of promoting The Customer or as otherwise mutually agreed.

The Customer will not alter or  add to any logo, image or text about The Company  without prior written consent from The Company.

The Customer is responsible for any and all costs associated with the promotion of The Company and in generating referrals.

The Customer must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in promoting the Company and the making of Referrals.

The Company does not grant any exclusivity to the Customer in relation to referrals to the Company.


The Company will credit The Customer with a one-time Referral Credit for each for each Valid Transaction that results in a Successful Referral.

The value of each Referral Credit is currently set to £200.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, prospectively increase or decrease the value of Referral Credit amounts by providing written notice (electronic communication permitted) to The Customer or updating these Terms and Conditions or any relevant Programme guide.

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to pay any Referral Credits to The Customer where The Company determines that The Customer’s actions are not consistent with the intent of the Programme.

The Referral Credit will be provided to The Customer in the form of a redeemable credit note.

The Referral Credit will normally be provided to The Customer 30 days after an Eligible Referral has been invoiced for and makes full payment against said invoice as part of a new Subscription.

The Company may cancel any previously awarded Referral Credit retrospectively should an Eligible Referral fail to meet their obligations under the agreed terms of their new Subscription at any point up to 90 days after the Referral Credit has been awarded.

The Referral Credit will be valid for a period of twelve months from the date it is awarded.

The Referral Credit is non-transferable.

The Referral Credit can be used in part or full payment for any future invoice from The Company in relation to a Subscription or Service, including, but not limited to, upgrades and professional services.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, refuse any discounts or other offers from being used against a Subscription or Service that The Customer wishes to use Referral Credits to pay for.

Multiple Referral Credits can be used in part or full payment to a Subscription or Service.

There is no equivalent cash reward for a Referral Credit.

The Referral Credit is exclusive of VAT or other taxes. 


The Company may offer additional incentives to encourage Eligible Referrals to buy a Subscription from time to time. These additional incentives will be published at:


Any offer, promotion or discount offered separately from the Programme may invalidate an Eligible Referral from being a Valid Transaction.

Tracking Referrals

Successful Referrals must be made via the Custom URL for the relevant Customer.

The Company reserves the right to accept, qualify or reject requests by the Customer to register Eligible Referrals in its sole discretion; and, without limiting this right, the Customer acknowledges that a request to register an Eligible Referral that is already registered by the Programme to another Company will be rejected.

In the event that an Eligible Referral has previously enquired via another mechanism, including, but not limited to another referral by a Custom URL for a different Customer, this will not be counted as a Successful Referral.

Any response to an advertisement or other promotion not via The Customer’s Custom URL will not be counted as a Successful Referral.

Technical Support

The company will provide support to the Customer in relation to accessing and using referral resources including the Custom URL in line with our normal support procedures.


The Customer may not disclose the terms, conditions or existence of any non-public aspect of the Programme to any third party, except to its professional advisers under a strict duty of confidentiality or as necessary to comply with any applicable law.

Limitation of Liability

Each party disclaims all implied warranties, including without limitation for non-infringement, satisfactory quality, merchant-ability and fitness for any purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the programme and Custom URL are provided "as is" and at The Customer’s option and risk and The Company does not guarantee any results.

The Customer will defend, indemnify and hold The Company harmless against all liabilities, damages, losses, costs, fees (including legal fees), and expenses relating to any allegation or third-party legal proceeding arising from The Customer’s participation in the Programme.

No party shall be liable to the other party in respect of any loss of profits or anticipated savings.

No party Company shall be liable to the other party in respect of any loss of revenue or income.

No party Company shall be liable to the other party in respect of any loss of use or production.

No party Company shall be liable to the other party in respect of any loss of business, contracts or opportunities.

No party Company shall be liable to the other party in respect of any loss or corruption of any data, database or software.

No party Company shall be liable to the other party in respect of any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Publication Date: 07 September 2020