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Drag & Drop: Using Advanced Dynamic Content

Drag & Drop: Using Advanced Dynamic Content

Your subscribers are not all the same. So why treat them the same when it comes to email marketing? With Advanced Dynamic Content you can increase engagement, reduce unsubscribes and take your personalisation efforts to the next level. 

Dynamic content enables you to tailor your campaign so different segments of your audience receive relevant content, different offers, images, copy or calls to action. This means you can send one campaign with multiple targeted messages for different groups of contacts. The message that each group receives is dependent on the rules you set when you create the dynamic content. 

You can segment by a range of demographic, firmographic or behavioural factors. You can also put your contacts in charge of the data you use for segmentation via a Preference Centre Once your data is segmented, our simple design tools make it easy for you to build and test different creative using dynamic content. 

Create rules for elements within your email campaign

Use targeted content that will resonate with your audience segments  

Change images, links and text depending on the value associated with each contact record.  

So if your engagement rates are starting to decline or you are stuck in the rut of sending the same copy to all your contacts, dynamic content could be the answer you are looking for. Easily bring relevance and increased engagement using information that you already have. Watch your conversions increase as you speak directly to your audience in their language.    

Step by step

In addition to being able to send a traditional email to your contacts, e-shot™ now offers the ability to customise areas of your message based on your intended recipients. For example, you can create a message that displays specific images/text to present for Male recipients of your email and a separate set of images/text for Female recipients. This is done by setting up a rule, in this example, a Gender rule with custom field filter rules that map to specific values within a defined custom field. If the specified custom field associated with a rule does not have a value that maps to either the Male or Female rule filter, the default content you setup against an element will be used. Please speak with our Customer Success team to activate this service.

Once activated, this featured is available from within Drag & Drop messages and is applied to individual Elements using a defined rule. During the message creation process, the first step is to add a Block to your message, add an Element to the Block, then click the dynamic content icon to select the Element.

This will result in the Element being highlighted and the Rules section displayed on the Dynamic Content tab. Rules are created against a message (in an upcoming release, rules will be able to be shared between messages). 

Once you select to create a new rule you are prompted to give it a name and create a number of filters. For example, a rule called 'Gender' can be created. This will then have filters setup for the rule, one for 'Male' and another for 'Female'. Each filter has 3 fields to complete, the e-shot™ contact field you would like to use, the operator (Is, Contains, Starts With, or Ends With) and your chosen value. 

In the following example a custom field named 'Gender' has been setup with a filter named 'Male' that will apply the filter setting logic to email recipients (contacts) with a 'Gender' custom field value equal to 'Male'. 

  A number of filters can be created to suit your individual needs and the rule can then be saved.

Once the rule has been created it needs to be applied to your Element. To do so, simply click the 'Apply this rule to the selected element' (tick) icon. 

The dropdown within your Element will now allow switching between the different Dynamic Content filters and will display the rule name as a tooltip.

In this example we have already added the default content, the Male and Female versions of the message still need to be completed. To do this, click the rule dropdown and select an option. After selecting the rule filter named 'Male', you will drag and drop a new Element on top of the canvas and select the Element type. In this example I selected 'Male', dropped an Image Element onto the canvas and then selected the image I intend to be visible for the 'Male' recipients.

That part of the process needs to be repeated for each filter you have created, effectively adding content for each option. 

Once content has been added for each filter type you can switch between displayed content in a couple of different ways. Changing the dropdown option will display the Element content for the chosen filter. Additionally the content can be switched by clicking the eye symbol for a chosen filter on the Dynamic Content tab. If you have a number of Elements all using the same rule, then changing the viewed option will display for all Elements.  

While creating your Drag & Drop message the Desktop and Mobile previews will show the content from the currently selected filter. This allows you to add content for each filter type, then quickly preview how your message will look for different recipients. 

Once the message has been created, previewing the message from anywhere outside the message creation flow will display the Default content.   

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