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e-shot training update – Autumn 2021

e-shot training update – Autumn 2021

e-shot has been purposely designed to be simple to use, but it is also a feature rich platform used by a variety of customers in a variety of ways. 

To ensure users get the most out of e-shot, we are making some changes to our training delivery with a view to improving the effectiveness of what we teach and how its taught.



Basic training remains freely available to all customers on a one-to-one basis and any new user will automatically be offered the opportunity to schedule a session with one of our experts when they first login to e-shot. In most cases, there will be availability in this respect within two days of the request. 

The content of our basic training sessions now covers the following: 

  • Logging in and security 

  • Email design from templates 

  • Previews and tests 

  • Building single send campaigns 

  • Basic reporting 

These sessions typically last for 30 minutes with an allowance for Q&A. 

The default focus of basic training will now be the Smart Editor, but this can be switched to Drag & Drop on request. Training on the more advanced editors is available as a bespoke training session. 



Advanced training is also free to all customers and public sessions will be scheduled twice monthly. Book for the next available session via Live Chat.  

The content of advanced training is: 

  • Email design – advanced 

  • Filtering and segmentation 

  • Deliverability and Forensics 

  • Building basic automated campaigns 

  • Advanced reporting and analytics 

These sessions typically last for 60 minutes with an allowance for Q&A. 



If you have a new member of staff who will be responsible for administering your e-shot account, then we can provide training free of charge and give them an overview of your account and setup. The exact agenda will depend on your account setup, but we typically include the following: 

  • User management and security 

  • Settings and configuration 

  • Managing templates 

  • Managing identities 

  • Managing contacts and groups 

This can be combined with user training where required. 



Following customer feedback, we have taken the decision not to restart our workshop programme at this stage. We will review this in the New Year to see if there is an increased appetite to attend in-person events at public venues. 

Instead, we will be running short online sessions throughout the Autumn to teach customers about basic automations, data management and email design. These sessions are free to attend and can be booked via our Events page



 If there are specific areas of e-shot that you wish to arrange training for, we can provide bespoke training  

 Bespoke training is chargeable and we can provide a quote based on your specific needs. Topics commonly covered in bespoke training include: 

  • Advanced Marketing Automation 

  • Integration and API configuration 

  • Building custom reports 

  • Managing preferences and forms 



 In addition to the training delivered by our team, all customers have access to a wealth of help and guidance on demand. Check out our Help Section for more information. Logged in users will also have the opportunity to view product tours on demand. 

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