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Send Forensics

Send Forensics

Send Forensics is an email deliverability service that provides useful information about your emails and email campaigns before and after sending them. It provides you with delivery stats, suggestions how you could optimise your content and sending infrastructure, as well as being able to preview emails before you hit send. It provides statistics on your campaign's results, tracks your reputation, and alerts you to any blacklist issues right away.

Once enabled, a Forensics button will display in quicklinks on the Dashboard or in the main menu beneath Analytics and clicking it will display a list of test sends, Single Send and Resend campaigns sent from that domain. This view is filtered by subaccount

Send Forensics

After a message has been created and a test message sent, a new Forensics Report option will be available from the Design Studio message dropdown, enabling you to preview the deliverability score of your campaign before it has been sent. Once the Send Forensics page has loaded a carousel of each message will display.

Forensics Report

Clicking on a message will display a snapshot of the deliverability information for that message.

Send Forensics

Once a campaign has been sent, a link to Send Forensics is also available from the Reports page. Selecting the Forensics Report dropdown option will navigate to the snapshot for the specific campaign.

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