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Resizing images for use in e-shot™’s Drag & Drop

Resizing images for use in e-shot™’s Drag & Drop

Have you ever prepared a beautiful, sharply-focused photograph for use in your Drag & Drop email, only to find that it appears stretched in Outlook on Windows? Help is it hand!

Outlook on Windows has an undesirable habit of failing to assume that an image’s height should be scaled in proportion to its width (as it should), when the width is set to 100% in a situation where that 100% gets constrained to the width of its holding container. Long winded? Indeed. However, the crux is that, if you have a high-resolution image and use it in Drag & Drop, because of Outlook on Windows’ shortcomings, it will scale horizontally, but keep its original pixel count vertically, giving it a vertically stretched appearance.

The solution to this, is to resize the image to the exact pixel count, horizontally and vertically, that will be used in the desktop view of the message. The width will be exact, depending on how many columns the block has, and the height will be a proportional resize to the width.

The following measurements make the assumption that you keep the default padding options and column proportions in Drag & Drop:

single-column dimensions
2-column dimensions
3-column dimensions

Once you have your images ready and uploaded into your e-shotTM Image manager, add them to your design and test thoroughly, ensuring particularly you test in as many mobile views as possible (never forgetting desktop, naturally), to ensure your resizing efforts deliver the kinds of results you’re after.

Please bear in mind that as a whole (when you take all the email clients into account with some of their various shortcomings), email client technology is more than 10 years behind web browsers. Happily, email clients are playing catch-up, as the digital world realises that it is falling in love with email again.

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