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Preference Centre

Preference Centre

The e-shot™ Preference Centre allows recipients to subscribe to topics of interest that control the types of emails they are sent by e-shot™ users. This service is customisable to suit your business, either offering a simple Preference list, or a more complicated setup involving multiple Channels and Preferences. Preferences and Channels can be renamed to meet your requirements, which will carry through to all parts of e-shot™.

The Preference Centre feature can only be enabled per sub-account by an e-shot™ support administrator.

Preferences and Channels once setup can be shared between sub-accounts, but its use is only enforced/visible to a sub-account that has the Preference Centre feature enabled.

For existing customers to move towards using the Preference Centre, the functionality has two modes; on-boarding and fully-enabled.


Whilst in the on-boarding state, e-shot™ users will carry out the following actions:

  • Assign Preferences to all contacts within a sub-account,

  • Create new e-shot™ subscription forms that include the subscription to Preferences to use once the Preference Centre feature is fully enabled

  • Create a new Manage Profile form, as disabled, that users are to use to manage their held information and preference subscriptions, once the Preference Centre feature is fully enabled


Once all on-boarding tasks have been carried out, e-shot™ users carry out the following actions:

  • Make a request to the e-shot™ support team that the Preference Centre is fully enabled for the sub-account,

  • Put live the new e-shot™ subscription forms

  • Enable the new Manage Profile form

Once the Preference Centre is fully enabled, contacts will be able to manage their subscription to Preferences (and Channels), putting the contact in control of their received communication.

Preference Centre Management

The Preference Centre page can be reached by clicking the Preference Centre navigation button and has four tabs:

  • Channels

  • Preferences

  • Preference Mappings

  • Sub-account Mappings

sub-account mapping

The first step is to create a Channel. All Preferences must be associated with a Channel, but if only one Channel exists it will be hidden, essentially just leaving you with Preferences. Channels and Preferences can be set up to suit your business needs, but one way to do so would be to use Channels as your method of delivery and Preferences as the content you're delivering.

adding preferences

Once your Channel(s) and Preferences have been created, they need to be mapped to one another. This is done by selecting your Preference, ticking the checkbox for the Channels you would like to map it with, clicking Save mapping, then repeating for each of the other Preferences you would like to set up.

mapping preferences

After setting up your Preference Mappings, the next step is to set up the Sub-account Mappings, which controls the sub-accounts each Preference is usable within.

mapping sub-accounts

Once the Preference Centre page setup has been completed, Preferences are visible to sub-accounts from the following locations:

  • Adding contacts

  • Importing contacts

  • Campaign creation 

  • Sign-up forms

  • Manage profile 

Adding contacts 

With the Preference Centre enabled, when adding a contact an addition section will display. 

adding preferences to a contact

Adding a Preference to a contact is optional. However, once Preference Centre is enabled, selecting a Preference to send your campaign to is mandatory, which means that each of your contacts will need to be associated with the relevant Preference. A contact can be added to as many Preferences as you require.

Importing contacts 

When importing contacts through the e-shot™ UI, if Preference Centre is enabled an additional page will be added to the process. 

selecting preferences when importing data

The Preference Mappings page will allow you to select the Preference(s) each of your imported contacts will be added to.

Campaign creation 

An additional section is added to the Define Delivery step of the campaign creation process when Preference Centre is enabled. If more than one Channel has been created then both of the following boxes will display, if there is only one Channel then only the Preference box will be shown. Clicking into either of the boxes will open a dropdown list of the available options and typing will automatically filter the selection list.

filter on preferences

The additional Preference and Channel selections allow you to filter the contacts to send to in conjunction with the standard e-shot™ groups.

And for an idea of how your preference centre might look - have a look at our example.

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