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Integrating with Salesforce

Integrating with Salesforce

The integration of Salesforce with e-shot™ offers two main benefits:

  • Contacts can be exported from Salesforce into an e-shot™ contact group of your choice
  • e-shot™ campaign statistics can be viewed within Salesforce

Leads and Contacts can be pushed from Salesforce into e-shot™ via the Campaigns page in Salesforce to a chosen e-shot™ group.  Once imported into e-shot™, the contacts can be used in any campaign.

Salesforce will retrieve campaign performance information from e-shot™, allowing you to view clicks, displays, sends, hard bounces, unsubscribes and interaction details.This information can then be used within the Salesforce Reports section to search and filter contacts as well as providing the criteria to create marketing campaign address books to drive future campaign sends.

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