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End of Support for Legacy Drag & Drop editor

End of Support for Legacy Drag & Drop editor

From 1 August 2022, we will no longer support the Legacy Drag & Drop Editor in e-shot. We introduced the Smart Editor in 2020 and this is now the main method of message creation in e-shot. 

What does this change mean? 

  • Drag & Drop Editor will reach end of life on 1 August 22. 

  • For a limited transition time, the Drag & Drop Editor will remain available for new and existing designs. 

  • Any campaign using a Drag & Drop Editor design will continue to function. 

  • As end of life feature, no further developments or enhancements will be made to the Drag & Drop Editor. 

  • As end of life feature, any faults encountered will no longer be supported or fixed. 

  • If you raise an issue with a Drag & Drop Editor design, our Customer Success team will advise you to remake your email using Smart Editor. 


Why are we making this change? 

  • The technologies used in the Drag & Drop Editor no longer support modern email standards.  

  • This means that email designs built using the Drag & Drop Editor are prone to display issues on various devices. 

  • The Drag & Drop Editor technologies are not compatible with our ongoing efforts to ensure the e-shot user interface adheres to the latest accessibility standards. 

  • The Smart Editor is now well established amongst most of our customers and provides a much better email design experience and more reliable design output. 


What support is available to switch to Smart Editor? 

  • Our Customer Success team can help you migrate to Smart Editor and provide guidance on adding your branding to one of our best practice template from our library with your branding applied free of charge. 

  • Our Designers also offer professional services to create bespoke templates, replicate existing Drag & Drop designs or provide you with a library of best practice templates customised to your specification. 

If you would like a best practice Smart Editor template or discuss your bespoke requirements, please contact the Customer Success team. 

Consider taking this opportunity to refresh your templates to the latest best practice engaging designs. 

Important considerations 

  • We are unable to transpose a design from Drag & Drop to Smart Editor – it must be rebuilt 

  • The Smart Editor uses a different image library mechanism from Drag & Drop – your images must be migrated for use in Smart Editor 

  • Although we have no plans to remove the Drag & Drop Editor from e-shot completely, it will become increasingly difficult to reliably create email designs that render correctly on modern devices and respect latest email standards. 

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