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e-shot Referral Scheme FAQs

e-shot Referral Scheme FAQs
What is the e-shot customer referral scheme? 

Existing e-shot customers can earn rewards by recommending our solutions to others.

How do I refer someone? 

Every e-shot user has a unique link that you can use to introduce your friends to e-shot. When your friends visit this link, they will find information about joining e-shot.

Where do I find my referral link? 

When you are logged into e-shot, there is a button labelled “Refer a Friend” on the top menu. Click this button to reveal your link and sharing tools.

What rewards can I earn? 

We are currently offering a £200 credit to existing customers for every successful referral, plus bonus prizes for our top referrers.

Who can I recommend and refer? 

The simple answer is anyone, however there are some exclusions.

  • Anyone who currently holds an existing e-shot subscription 

  • Anyone who has held an e-shot subscription within the last year 

  • Anyone who has used a referral code from another customer in the last year 

  • Anyone where a conflict of interest exists between us and them - e.g; a competitor

  • Anyone where such a referral would breach relevant legislation or procurement rules for their organisation 

What must my friend do to complete a referral? 
  1. They must enter into an agreement for a new software subscription to e-shot within 6 months of the original referral.

  2. They must complete a form using your unique link/code for the referral to track automatically..

If you would prefer to refer in person without you or your friend using a link, you must obtain a verification from a member of the e-shot team that the referral has been logged. 

If your friend contacts us by other methods, then ask them to quote the unique code which forms part of your link. 

If anything goes wrong, please contact us and we will try to ensure your referral is still tracked. 

How do I track the status of a referral? 

When someone that you refer subscribes to e-shot we will let you know that a successful referral has taken place via email. The details of who that referral is will remain private to them, but we will encourage them to thank you. 

When do I get my reward? 

Once a tracked referral signs up to a new subscription with us, we will notify you within 7 days. Your reward will normally then be available to redeem within 30 days of the new subscription starting. 

What can I use my reward for? 

Your reward can be used in full or part payment for any software subscription or service you take with us. This could be to upgrade your package or to discount an existing one. There is no equivalent cash reward. 

When can I use my reward? 

You can use your reward for any software subscription or service after the date the reward is given to you for up to 12 months. The rewards cannot be applied retrospectively to previous subscriptions or services.

You must not have any overdue invoices owing to us to use your reward for any other service.

Do my rewards expire?

Yes. Your rewards can be used for for up to 12 months after it is awarded. If you cancel your e-shot subscription, any rewards that have not already been redeemed will also expire.

Can I use multiple rewards?

Yes, the more you refer, the more we reward you. There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can make. 

Can I give my reward to someone else? 

No. Rewards are not transferable and must only be redeemed by the customer to whom they were awarded.

What happens if someone I refer isn’t ready to sign up now? 

If your friend joins e-shot at a later date, as long as they used your referral link originally, then we will still be able to track it. If they sign up via another mechanism or as part of a different offer, we will not be able to count that as a referral. This includes if they enquire via another method – for example, via a pay-per-click advertisement. 

What if I have other questions? 

If you have any other questions about the referral scheme, please get in touch via the live chat icon once you’re logged into e-shot.       

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