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Drag and Drop: Creating a single question survey

Drag and Drop: Creating a single question survey

Single question surveys are easy to assemble and a convenient way to get insight into your contacts views. And as it is only one question it is really easy for your recipient to respond, and therefore likely to have a higher response rate than a traditional survey.

Create a simple survey with Drag & Drop

Creating a single question survey is simple using the Drag & Drop builder, because all you need to do is link the text or images in your survey.

That link could take the recipient to a page that simply says, “Thank you for your feedback!”. Or, for users who chose the sad face, they may see another page that says, “We’re sorry to hear that. Let us know what went wrong,” with an option to submit feedback.  For example, we created two short feedback forms and depending on whether you clicked the happy or sad face this determined which of the two forms you were taken to.

Even if a reader does not continue with the survey, the initial response is still tracked.  

Using visual engagement

To create the message you simply need a text block to house the question and either a two or three column block using either Image or Image & Caption elements to house the possible responses.

select the right blocks

These are particularly effective for closed yes/no questions.

add visual engagement

Then simply link the Text and Image elements to the desired response outcome. N.B. Whilst the imagery is more engaging, you have to keep in mind that images are not always immediately visible with all email clients - so by using the Image & Caption element the wording will still be visible and the email can still easily fulfil its purpose without the images being present.

This is equally true if you offer 3 potential response options.

have more than two options

If you are looking to offer multiple options of response then a simple list of hyperlinked options is probably your easiest avenue, however by stacking two or three column blocks you can create a grid of images. However be mindful that the easier the answer options are the more likely the recipient is to respond.

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