Marketing Automation Agency Day

Marketing Automation Agency Day

If you provide digital marketing services then you are probably used to a world of tactical project work from clients with high expectations and short timescales. Marketing automation can provide a sustainable ROI to your clients and earn your agency significant revenues with very little overhead, but convincing clients to embrace it in the beginning can be challenging. 

 Our Marketing Automation Agency Day will teach about proven methods to incorporate automation into tactical marketing campaigns and how to show an ROI in short timescales and with modest investment in setup. Once you have clients who can see the benefits of automating their marketing and continually serving relevant and timely email communication based on website behaviour, you can build longer term and more lucrative client relationships. 

 The content of this session will be suitable for those who both sell and support marketing services within a marketing agency or other organisation that provides digital marketing and advertising services to clients. 


  • 9:30am - Registration 
  • 10:00am - Strategy and targeting
  • 11:00am - Best practice campaigns
  • 11:30am - Coffee
  • 12:00pm - Monetising marketing automation
  • 1:00pm - Close 

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