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Email 101 - December

Email 101 - December

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all email marketing channels, and year on year its success remains stable. Even though new, dare I say, sexier communication methods are available email marketing remains the reliable workhorse of your communications strategy, building your brand and boosting your ROI.

The magic formula for successful email marketing is both art and science.  And whilst there is no silver bullet solution to creating the perfect mail, this half-day course will give you all the insights you need to really achieve consistently positive results.

Get a full understanding of the top 5 things that affect the performance of an email, and ensure you spend the time on the things that really matter to your success. Make your messages impactful and motivating, by using action orientated design you can create the ‘F’ in email.

With real-life examples and practical exercises to reinforce your learning, our short course is designed to help you maximise your results at campaign and message levels. 


  • 9:30am - Registration 
  • 10:00am - Five Golden Rules of Deliverability
  • 11:00am - Five things that affect email performance
  • 11:30am - Coffee
  • 12:00pm - The F in email
  • 1:00pm - Close 

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