Case Study: Venue Directory

Using insights and optimisation, UK directory site is soaring to new heights., with over twenty six thousand venues in the UK and more than thirty thousand additional venues internationally, is a comprehensive directory for event organisers and planners. With a portfolio covering conventional conferencing facilities and small meeting rooms to unique and historic venues for more quirky events, their customer profiles are as varied as their locations.

Venue Directory


Email marketing is hugely significant to’s strategic marketing plan, with the team focusing up to half their workload on email campaigns, sending multiple campaigns each month sending targeted communications on a range of topics from special offers, location highlights, events and even updating customer account details to their engaged database. Targeting and message optimisation were the key challenges for the marketing team, to make every email count.


“Email is essential to both our strategic and tactical marketing plan. e-shot™ is fundamental to the success of our campaigns, it is easy to use and because it is so cost effective we have a great ROI. ”

Emel Yusuf,

How e-shot™ helped

As email is a critical element to the marketing plan, having a platform that is simple and efficient to use was crucial. Building brand exposure and increasing engagement were monitored closely through the comprehensive reporting available. Monitoring and improving is where the team focus their efforts and through split testing and multivariate testing are building a much clearer picture of what works and where improvements can be made. 

By using drag and drop the team can easily put their design ideas into practice, recently overhauling the look and feel by working closely with their account manager who provided best practice advice for both content and deliverability. 

Email marketing is a process of continual improvement and ongoing learning – where testing and reporting provide actionable insights which can pay dividends on engagement, click rates and ultimately sales. For, particularly on promotional emails, their efforts directly contribute to the bottom line.

Results, ROI and the future

By working closely with their account manager the team has doubled their open rates in the last 12 months. Consistently achieving improved click through rates of up to 20%, which is 4 times the benchmark level in the meeting and events industry*. 

Email campaigns are going from strength to strength for And this optimisation is a direct result of the insights for the reporting and testing which are easily accessible in the e-shot™ platform.


It is easy to segment our customer base in the contact manager to make sure that we send the right messages to the right people. e-shot™ is easy to use, so we can create professional campaigns quickly and efficiently and don’t need to rely on costly outside design agencies.

Emel Yusuf,
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