Case Study: Northern Foundry

Easily managing multiple, diverse and complex client accounts to deliver significant, demonstrable ROI

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The Northern Foundry is a full service digital marketing agency with expertise in Magento and Word Press design and development, as well as content marketing and digital advertising. Proud of their northern roots they describe their approach as gritty, honest and hardworking coupled with intricacy and inventiveness. Using their skills to help new and existing brands really make their mark online.

Northern Foundry


Offering email marketing to their clients as part of the ongoing content marketing strategy, the Northern Foundry have to manage and maintain multiple customer accounts. The complexity not only comes from the volume of customers but also the diversity of customers who span a variety of sectors and sizes, from small start-ups to major enterprises.


e-shot™ enables us to design eye-catching emails and track campaigns accurately, with ease. Using the analytics to work closely with our clients also helps build confidence, especially when they can see a substantial ROI.

Adam Ward, Managing Director

How e-shot™ helped

With e-shot™ The Northern Foundry find it easy to manage multiple accounts through a single dashboard, saving them time and reducing complexity. The ability to brand areas either with their or their clients logo Joel describes as “a really nice little touch”, giving clients a more professional and cohesive experience. 

Northern Foundry embrace e-shot™ functionality, optimising campaigns through split testing, running automated campaigns and rely on the professional results that they can achieve with the drag and drop email builder. Through using the platform they are easily able to create beautiful engaging campaigns and by utilising the built-in analytics features they can efficiently optimise and report their successes back to clients.

Results, ROI and the future

Transparency is a core value of the Northern Foundry team, and the ability to offer their clients access to detailed reporting on their campaign progress is a practical illustration of this commitment. 

Email is a powerful tool which can deliver significant ROI. The Northern Foundry were able to demonstrate a massive 397% ROI on email marketing for their client Xtrons, a global brand selling in-car entertainment products. The team are now looking at the next steps to build on this fantastic achievement using automation as well as building future single-send campaigns building on the insights they have gained.


As a growing business, and one which is always looking at improving performance and workmanship, we’re happy that Forfront want to evolve in the same way. They’re open to our ideas and suggestions and try to accommodate our requests with a great customer, and technical support team.

Joel Pert, Chief Content Officer


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