Case Study: Executive Grapevine

Effortless analysis and ongoing optimisation reap dividends for international publisher.

Executive Grapevine is the European leader in business publishing, information services, marketing solutions and events for the talent management sector. Providing news, features and insights Executive Grapevine have a wealth of content to share and a large engaged audience. Emailing both as part of their own engagement strategy, Executive Grapevine also email to their audience on behalf of their clients in solus campaigns across their community brands.

Executive Grapevine


In early 2014 Executive Grapevine decided to change its email marketing service provider because its previous platform “had lots of issues” which were becoming increasingly problematic and debilitating to their marketing activities. With both daily updates and weekly round-ups alongside solus emails, Executive Grapevine had a very complex and demanding email schedule.


e-shot™ is easy to use, straightforward and highly functional. It has been brilliant for our company. The API is well ahead of the game and the developers got things done extremely quickly. In fact, the IT support and technical support in general is outstanding

Rick Xu, VP of Technology & Channel Development

How e-shot™ helped

The easy to use platform, with clear simple interface enables Executive Grapevine to efficiently create daily newsletters, which is integral in driving traffic to the brand’s website. Newsletters are used to build and increase community engagement, continually raising the profile of the brand and increasing share of voice with its sizeable audience. The team can easily create personalised, engaging content through the user friendly e-shot™ interface. 

With increasing numbers of both standard and solus campaigns being opened on mobile devices, the team also needed to ensure all communications were optimised for mobile use and the design studio efficiently allows that

Results, ROI and the future

Deliverability and email verification were very important to Executive Grapevine’s email success, and emails through e-shot™ were performing 3-4% better in terms of deliverability. This was key to Executive Grapevine’s success, as due to the significant size of the database an improvement of 3-4% can have a massive impact in absolute terms. A 4% increase in open rate can mean an additional 100,000 recipients receiving and opening messages. This enabled the marketing team to more readily meet their targets and concentrate on other key, value added activities. 

Executive Grapevine are now looking at the next steps to integrate the mailing platform with their cloud CRM system and generate user interactivity reports based on results from various automated marketing campaigns.


I really love the service. I would without a doubt, recommend e-shot™ to other companies.

Rick Xu, VP of Technology & Channel Development


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