Case Study: an4 Group

E-shot lights the way for digital signage division of AN4 Group

AN4 group put their clients in the picture with a range of electronic notice boards, digital signage, media presentation solutions and display hardware. Using email to maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with their existing customers as well as building brand engagement with new prospects. Email also plays a valuable role as an introductory ice-breaker for the national sales team.

an4 Group


AN4 were looking for a cost-effective ESP who would enable them to deliver a professional marketing communication programme. They wanted to achieve consistent on-going communications with both their customers and prospects to ensure their brand remains front-of-mind, as well as driving traffic to the website. Focusing on single-send campaigns to promote a variety of products and brand messages.


“e-shot™ is a cost-effective way to get our message out to a high volume of contacts. By supporting our sales team it is an essential part of our marketing mix and some of our most significant project wins were a direct result of email marketing campaigns”

Sean Roberts, Marketing Director

How e-shot™ helped

AN4 group particularly value the ‘drag and drop’ email builder as it enables them to effectively build attractive, professional email campaigns with ease. The ability to see the message as it takes shape, and use and reuse elements from other marketing collateral provides consistency across the communications. Reducing the need for html email specialists or requiring builds by external agencies AN4 can be in complete, cost effective control of their communications. 

Email is a high priority channel, because it is both effective and cost effective. By using the insights from the detailed reporting, email campaign results help the sales team focus on more engaged prospects. Email’s role as an ice-breaker enables more productive contact from the sales team, as the email has provided key background information and set the scene of the company – so the sales team can get straight to solving the challenges of their potential customer.

Results, ROI and the future

The importance of consistent, ongoing engagement with their recipients should not be underestimated. By showing the company as a serious professional contender in the market brings reassurance to potential customers and builds credibility with their audience. 

But it is not just building the brand where email adds value. Email communication plays a significant part in the company’s sales success, recently attributing 2 major contract wins directly to email campaigns which instigated the relationships. Email is used not only to find new customers but continue engagement with existing customers, resulting in significant levels of cross-sell and up-sell – proactively creating opportunities for the sales team to follow up. The fact that an email can lay the ground work for the sales team, reducing the need for cold calling, has reaped dividends. 

AN4 have focused on single-send campaigns, but have plans to start automated series sends, so they can continue to reap the rewards of strong email campaigns, but reducing the workload and repurposing content to build cohesive customer journeys, nurturing their prospects prior to the salesman picking up the phone. 

“Our account manager has been brilliant. Always there on the end of the line to offer help and guidance. It is comforting to know that there is always someone on the end of the line when you need them”


e-shot™ is exactly what I need. It is easy to use and the drag and drop email builder is excellent. I would definitely recommend it because it enables us to easily send professional targeted messages to all our customer base.

Sean Roberts, Marketing Manager
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