We are expanding, announcing our first office in the USA.

We are expanding, announcing our first office in the USA.

e-shot™ is proud to announce the opening of a new international office, the first in the USA, in Tampa, Florida.  

Tampa, the largest city on Tampa Bay, along Florida’s Gulf Coast is a major business centre, and the new home to our great US team. 

Chris Barber, who is heading up sales, commented:  

“It is great to be able to bring e-shot™ to the US, as there are many businesses here that will really benefit from the easy, no-fuss platform. It will be great to be able to help these businesses grow with high-impact, cost effective, email marketing engagement platform.” 

Ron Kellermann, Managing Director of Forfront, the developers of e-shot™ said: 

“It is a really exciting time for us, to be expanding our operations into the US and we are proud to be working with such a great local team. We have decided to open the US office following the interest we had over the past 12 months from US organisations looking for a powerful, simple to use integrated email marketing and automation platform. e-shot™ has been helping UK private and public sectors engage with their audience and grow for over 10 years. Expanding to the US seemed a natural way to celebrate our success.” 


The team are based at 

5650 Breckenridge Park Dr.  

Suite 302,  



So why not give them a call on 813-374-5379 to discuss your email marketing needs. 


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