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Salesforce integration with e-shot™

Salesforce integration with e-shot™

At e-shot™ we regularly collect feedback from our customers, and use it to help build the tools, integrations, and services that our customers need and want.

One of those much requested integrations, has been with the Salesforce CRM.  So we’re pleased to announce that our Salesforce integration is now available through the AppExchange

With the Salesforce app, leads and contacts can be synchronised with e-shot™, allowing you to send tailored campaigns, and create personalised segment based and behaviour based emails.

Fields between e-shot and Salesforce can be mapped to ensure you have the most up to date contact information across both platforms, no matter where you update it.

As well as updating individual contact level data, campaigns can also be created in Salesforce and updated to e-shot. Allowing you to manage groups of contacts.  There’s also integration at the reporting level allowing you to see key e-shot™ campaign data and insights in Salesforce directly.



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