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November 2018 Release - Message Preview update

November 2018 Release - Message Preview update

Our November Update to e-shot features a number of great new features and enhancements. Here’s a summary of some of the key updates:

Update to Message preview

e-shot has introduced an updated Preview function to help make email proofing faster and more reliable. This tool provides you with several new and updated capabilities:

  • Message Preview - Preview your message for Desktop or Mobile and as HTML or Text all from one place. 

  • Summary - Review key information about the campaign, including To, From, Reply and Subject field values.

  • Personalisation – Select a contact in the Message Preview to see the dynamic content values associated with this contact. Any elements of your email design that use dynamic content will also preview with the relevant value associated with the selected contact.

  • Links – Make sure that your email design contains the correct links. This is useful for spotting elements, such as buttons and images that may contain inaccurate or out of date links. By selecting a particular link, you can examine the full URL and see a preview of the destination page.

  • Test Emails - Send test messages using your selected preview options so that you can check dynamic content as it appears in your email client.

By combining all of the necessary functions to thoroughly check your email design in one place, the Message Preview function offers the best of both worlds – better accuracy and increased speed. 

e-shot preview pane
e-shot preview mobile

Dynamic Sender name

In the initial email settings you can now select the option to use Dynamic sender details. Once this box is selected you are able to map your From Name and From Address to data fields.  

Uploading Password Protected XLSX

You can now upload contact data from password protected XLSX workbooks. There is an additional field at the point of upload where you can enter the sheet's password for seamless uploading.

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