Maximise event attendance with the help of SMS

Maximise event attendance with the help of SMS

Are events a cornerstone in your marketing strategy? Do you want your events filled to capacity? When you hold events, do you wish you could minimise the number of no-shows?

SMS is the answer, an extremely effective tool for event managers to maximise attendance and keep delegates reliably informed.

The power of SMS is undeniable

There are some bewildering statistics out there about our obsession with our mobile phones and how effective SMS is at cutting through the noise. SMS reaches your contact almost instantly and is practically guaranteed to be read. 98% of all SMS messages are read, 90% of messages are read within 3 seconds.  The average person looks at their phone more than 150 times a day (one study suggested that it was more than 200 times a day!!). So the power of SMS is undeniable.

SMS has a place at each stage in the customer lifecycle, but its efficacy supporting events cannot be denied.  Whether your event is a breakfast briefing, champagne reception or educational webinar, SMS reminders mean people remember their commitment and are less likely to drop out.

Send SMS reminders and raise excitement

Staging an event, conference or meeting involves a large amount of time, effort and expense - sending a low-cost SMS reminder before the event can help fulfil attendance and provide a perfect chance for you to showcase your brand!

Being the super-organised event planner that you are, your invitations were sent out months in advance. Guests may have RSVP’d but as the event gets closer it’s likely they’ll forget the details. A personalised text message a few days before will not only remind them of the all-important details but will also start to raise excitement for your event.

Send essential details and boost attendance

Send directions, start time or ticket numbers straight to your guests pocket to ensure a smooth and prompt start to your event.

SMS marketing is fast, cost-effective and personal – it’s no wonder it’s becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes, but it’s important to use it well. At just 160 characters, SMS may be small but is certainly powerful and a versatile tool for every business.

SMS is as close to instant as you can get, which makes it the ideal medium to send out any last minute updates or changes to event details. Rain, traffic at the venue or last minute schedule change? Your guests are already on the way and you need to get a message to them quickly. Contact your entire guest list instantly with an SMS to make sure they are kept up to date.

What about last minute tickets if you have spaces left for your event, a bulk sms send could be just what you need to get those final bums on seats that you are looking for.

Thank you and event feedback

Who doesn’t appreciate a thank you and SMS gives a low cost, high value way of thanking your event attendees. It is also the ideal way to gather feedback about the event, whilst it is still fresh in their memory and you could even take the opportunity to promote a future event or related merchandise if you have it.

Boost campaigns with a multichannel approach

SMS can increase your email efficacy too. Use email and SMS in parallel to boost your results, and with e-shot™ you can manage all aspects of your campaign in the same place and can see the complete user journey in the reporting section. There you can see engagement on SMS and email all in the same place.

“e-shot™ is the backbone of our marketing communications and has taken our acquisition programme to a new level. Email is our most important channel, which is now getting even better results with the addition of SMS. The integration of both media, and combined reporting is proving very, very effective.” Red Driving School

If you’re looking for a way to communicate and engage with customers old and new then you’ve found it. SMS is simple, fast and gets results by improving customer service and increasing business.

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