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Making sure your business is in the black

Making sure your business is in the black

UK spend on online retail sites on Black Friday in 2018 reached £1.49bn – a positive 7.3% increase from 2017. 67% of all discounts offered were introduced between the Monday and Thursday leading up to Black Friday – a 17% increase from 2017.

There is no denying it, Black Friday has changed the way we shop since its introduction to the UK 8 years ago.

Black Friday is on 29th November this year with Cyber Monday following straight after on 2nd December, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

With spend increasing and average order values increasing too, if you want to have a great sales year, you need to make sure that your Black Friday marketing is in the best shape possible. predicts that 2019 Black Friday online spending will surpass $12 billion this year. Of the shoppers they surveyed, 61% plan to do most of their holiday shopping online.

Lessons learned

Take a look at our 6 lessons learned from 2017 article, as the advice in this article is evergreen and as true today as it was then.

Our 5 techniques to optimise your Black Friday email marketing is also has some valuable nuggets.

Black Friday Design Inspiration

We also love the collection of Black Friday emails that Fresh Relevance have put together as well as our collection


The countdown is on: Are your preparations underway?

1 Consider multiple channels

Consider adding text messages or Facebook messenger to your Black Friday communication. Outreaching your audience via three and more marketing channels can bring up to 90% higher customer retention. So, if you need additional information i.e. mobile number, there is no time like the present to collect that data and even incentivise

2. Reward loyalty

It’s important that you also provide extra incentives for your current customers and subscribers to remain loyal to your brand.

  • For your subscribers, you can offer a few good things that your normal website visitors wouldn’t get. This can include early-bird offers, discounted items, free shipping, or any combination of those things.

  • For your loyal customers (that you can identify and segment), you can offer something even better.

3. Promote your timelines

Make sure that your subscribers and prospects understand your timelines – are your deals starting before Black Friday or running a few days past Cyber Monday.  Make sure that you communicate this clearly, but ensure that you maintain the exclusivity of your promotions and the scarcity of the deals.

 4. Make sure your retargeting is in place

Put your retargeting strategies into place. Some shoppers may browse your site and choose not to purchase anything — but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost them. With the right retargeting strategies, you can follow up with people who never checked out online. If you use BigCommerce, there are even specific apps you can employ just for this purpose. With the right marketing automation tool, you can set up email sequences targeted to shoppers who abandoned their carts on your site.



If you want to increase your sales, it goes without saying that you need to double down on your email marketing. If you don’t have an email marketing strategy yet, or haven’t invested in email marketing at all, you still have time to fix that.

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