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Platinum Jubilee Templates

Platinum Jubilee Templates

Our design team are always working hard to come up with new, engaging and useful templates, be it functional, seasonal or special interest. Each template has been thoroughly tested for accessibility, responsiveness and dark mode support, so we have put in the hard yards for you.

This edition we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II marks the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne in 2022, the first time a UK monarch has celebrated a Platinum Jubilee.

This is national reason for celebration and with the extended bank holiday weekend and the wealth of events taking place all around the country, what better way to engage your audience with information of events in their area or indeed special information or promotions that you are running as a result of this momentous occasion.

overview of the 3 templates

Take a look at the full previews of the above designs:

Whether you are looking for a complete template, a bit of inspiration or an element that you can use in your own design, we have a selection in our library to help.

And remember, the elements that really give these designs the Jubilee feel are the images and the colour palette - so they can easily be amended to make fantastic newsletter or showcase emails, with just a few little tweaks.

Considerations when making them your own

Use of the banner block

Both the Hearts and Roses templates effectively use the Banner block. The benefit of this is that text can appear on top of an image, so it is accessible and even if the recipient has images off, by default or choice, in their email client, your headline text will still be clearly visible.

For more info on banners, take a look at our dedicated help article.

Countdown to celebrations

Nothing creates a feeling of urgency and anticipation like a countdown. More information on creating or amending a countdown timer can be found in this overview of smart editor blocks.

countdown timer

Colour palette and use of muted tones

Also on trend in 2022 is "colourful minimalism" which you can see in across all the designs - with the strong use of the 'royal' purple to add impact and subliminal reinforcement to the royalty and wealth. Using a restricted colour palette, gives the email design cohesion - so whether it is regal purple or your primary brand colour, you email has a clean and effective look.

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