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Email waits for no one

Email waits for no one

There’s no doubt that 2017 has seen some major developments in the ever-evolving world of email marketing. Ranging from game-changing alterations to refinements of the more subtle variety, e-shot™ make it our business to always be at the forefront of these changes, ensuring that our customers are best placed to maximise the effectiveness of their email marketing. 

Every day our team are tirelessly supporting our customers with advice pertaining to best practice, analytical reports, tips and guidance. Our biggest pride comes from customer achievement and we always endeavour to share, in the friendly-but-professional manner unique to e-shot™, the expertise gleaned from years of experience. 

As such, who better to speak with than one of our sensational support team, Matt Sharp, to see exactly what changes have most impacted our customers this year, and how we’ve gone about passing on the crucial guidance that allows e-shot™ customers to stay ahead of their competition. 

5 of Matt's Biggest Observations 

1) Outlook Preview Text

This year Matt has found himself regularly advising our customers on the importance of Outlook preview text. This little body of textual information is pivotal in encouraging the reader to further explore the full contents of the email – the area that contains all of your most important information! 

He explains, “We need to make sure they know exactly the number of characters to use, to avoid all use of block capitals or exclamation marks, and how to steer clear of all the things that get your email marked as spam. Most importantly of all, they’ve got to make this text enticing and draw people in!”

2) Automation

2017 has also seen an increase in the importance of automated emails. A sleeker, more sophisticated way to interact with your database, automation and personalisation of your correspondence allows for far better engagement with subscribers. 

According to Matt, “Automation is a key facet of our software and something which our customers are increasingly aware of the importance of. You’ve got to be as knowledgeable as possible about the customer journey and how they’re interacting with your emails”. 

3) Double Opt-in

With the spectre of GDPR looming ever nearer on the horizon, this year has seen more and more businesses choosing to get ahead of the game by encouraging their subscribers to double opt-in sooner rather than later. 

“GDPR compliance is such a huge focus for our customers right now and we’re doing all we can to educate and inform them as to what needs to be done ahead of next Spring. Getting ahead of the game now by initiating early double opt-in campaigns is the most prevalent advice I can give anyone.” 

4) Segmentation

With the growth of increasingly personalised and sophisticated forms of email marketing, segmentation of your databases has never been more important. Getting relevant information to the right people, at the right time, is the name of the game now. 

“The days of spray and pray are well and truly over. If you want to keep those subscribers, encourage them to double opt-in and actively engage with your emails in a way that creates success for your business, then the personal touch is essential.” Content relevant to the person receiving the email is absolutely key in Matt’s eyes.  

5) General Evolution 

And other than these core fundamentals at the hub of importance for email marketing in 2017, what else have we seen take priority focus for our customers? 

“People love an Emoji. It’s a fun, captivating and eye-catching way to engage the reader and it’s taking on increasing relevance in email marketing. We’re also seeing the impact of an increased focus on people looking at their emails on a mobile device as opposed to a desktop. This is a game-changer with regard to how your emails need to look to capture the attention of your target audience.” 

The Future

But, as we at e-shot™ know all too well, the good ship HMS Email Marketing waits for no-one, so with Matt having a hand in our design as well as support, what does he believe we can expect for 2018 and beyond? 

“There’s going to be an increased focus on better looking and more interactive emails. Video playback in emails is only going to become more and more important and is a great way to engage the viewer. I also believe there will be a huge rise in the number of emails utilising countdown timers, scratch-to-reveal novelties and suchlike.”

All in all, an exciting 2017 is set to morph into an even more exciting 2018 and it’s clear that the e-shot™ team are ready, willing and more than able to take on the challenge on behalf of our loyal customers. 

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