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e-shot™ dedicated Microsoft Dynamics integration released

e-shot™ dedicated Microsoft Dynamics integration released

Here at e-shot™ our latest programme of developments have been focused on ensuring easy, safe and secure data transfer, so along with our existing API we have developed a specific Microsoft Dynamic integration in response to customer demand. This integration sits alongside our Cyber Essentials security certification, which together demonstrates our commitment to security.

So, in a nutshell, GDPR requires organizations to respect and protect personal data – no matter where it is sent, processed or stored. Of course this has implications throughout your organisation, but focusing purely on marketing, and more specifically email marketing, how confident are you on the accuracy and security of your data.

Does your team routinely download and share with other teams excel sheets of customer or prospect information? Or do you manage all of your data in a single location, but have to download to transfer to other platforms?  There is a potential security risk there and as legislation gets tougher, these risks need to be managed.

Using a CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics, is a great step in the process to ensure the safety of your data. By integrating your CRM with e-shot™ you can ensure that the data flow is safe, secure and allows you to manage your data in one central location – which then feeds all of your direct marketing campaigns.

For email, with the increasing importance of tracking customer opt in/out actions, having clear visibility of this information in one place alongside other customer data will be crucial to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Having robust solutions such as e-shot™/Microsoft Dynamics integration provides a clear route to help make your processes GDPR compliant.

By using the audit processes tools built into your CRM or email platform you could be closer to effective management of your data that you think. Read more about how Microsoft is preparing for the new era in privacy regulation.

But never fear, if you are not using a mainstream CRM system or have your own bespoke data management software, our crack team of developers can create a solution just for you – so you don’t have to lose any sleep between now and 25th May 2018.

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