Pre-flight checks

Pre-flight checks

Complete confidence before you hit send

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Email healthcheck

Check, double check and check again

When you hit send you want to be confident that it is your best work that will be winging its way to your audience. e-shot provides a variety of tools to double check your creative before you hit send.

Ensure that your personalisation is correct and your dynamic content is spot on.

Make sure your email renders correctly in every possible client and all your links are valid. With every check at your fingertips you can guarantee every email will be perfect.

Every campaign and design is automatically checked to identify potential problems with language, links, cookies and an extensive range of technical checks so that any problems can be proactively addressed before you send a campaign. 

And to ensure there are never any issues with email compliance we automatically include legal information, unsubscribe links and message identity information to ensure every email is compliant. 

Rendering checks

Rendering checks

At the click of a button you can preview your email across 40 environments as well as easily checking for potential spam issues, broken links, how your mail’s images look and more.
Link validation checker

Link validation checker

Preview your email and check all the links contained within it to ensure that there is nothing broken.
Review personalisation and dynamic content

Review personalisation and dynamic content

In our unique message preview functionality you can review every permutation of your email to check that your personalisation and dynamic content blocks are all working properly and displaying the correct information.

Case study

an4 Group

Professional Communications from the display division who mean business   

“e-shot™ is a cost-effective way to get our message out to a high volume of contacts. By supporting our sales team it is an essential part of our marketing mix and some of our most significant project wins were a direct result of email marketing campaigns” 

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Free email marketing healthcheck - icon

Email marketing healthcheck

We are confident that we can help you, which is why we offer a free healthcheck to identify potential issues with your current programme and free advice on things that could be done to improve it.

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