Smart editor

Smart email designs

Easily create highly engaging emails with a vast array of elements including countdown timers and video embed functions.  

NEW – Support for AMP email format 

Infinite Restore

Your designs are autosaved continuously. If you need to restore an earlier version of the design, you can easily rewind a few minutes or even a few months.

version history
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The module library gives you access to templated elements such as footers or social icons where everything is pre-configured and helps to speed up design time.

Video Embed

Paste a video link from YouTube or Vimeo to automatically embed a video link in you email. A preview will automatically be imported, but you can customise this and the play button style.

embedding video
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Bespoke Templates

Maintain brand consistency and speed up design time with templates that can be managed centrally. Granular controls over colours, fonts, links and other elements along with sharing options.

Stock Templates

With best-practice email templates, you can quickly repurpose designs that have been extensively tested. Select from a variety of newsletters, event invitations, e-commerce and promotional designs along with various seasonal templates.

easily put text over an image


Combine text and images without the need for image software and apply effects to the image to make the text stand out including blur and colour filters.

Precise controls

For advanced email designers, the Smart Editor offers a variety of controls to alter the email appearance on mobile. You can also manipulate the HTML of each element.

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