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"We are very happy with the results generated by our e-shot™ campaigns and we regularly see direct results from them. Regular emails mean that we can maintain long-term relationships with our customers, and keep them fully up-to-date with our latest offerings." Carla Esposito, Arvonia Holidays

Marketing strategy

Our goal is simple, to help you smash your email marketing objectives. Whether you are looking to build brand engagement, drive conversions, or boost your bottom line. We are here to help.

As an extension of your team, we can support you developing a single campaign or building your entire email strategy. Advances in personalisation, automation and behavioural targeting, mean a robust strategy is more important than ever to ensure success. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of all components required for successful, high-converting campaigns.

  • Competitive analysis. We’ll see where you sit in the market and advise adjustments you can make to your campaigns which hone in on and highlight your USPs.
  • Engaging your audience. Using drip/nurture campaigns which utilise email, SMS, landing pages, persuasive copywriting and powerful design to captivate and convert you contacts.
  • Planning the structure and flow of your campaigns, targeting prospects based upon their persona and where they are in their purchasing journey.

Designed to perform

To captivate your audiences and convert subscribers to buyers, you need to send emails that are engaging, relevant and inspire action. Day in, day out our team of HTML wizards, brilliant designers, marketing masters and deliverability gurus, craft stunning campaigns with dynamic personalisation that drive ROI.

Most emails are only relevant on the day or a short period of time from when they were sent. What if you could send a message to reflect the right personalised messaging at the right time? Well now you can - our team can not only design great looking, responsive emails, but we can:

  • Help you stand out in a crowded inbox by increasing relevance using location, weather, video, polls, trackers, timers and much more.
  • Bring your ideas to life with awesome imagery and compelling copy to deliver email HTML with real-time capability using dynamic and 'moment of open' data.
  • Maximize your results using the principles of Conversion-Centered Design.

Automation programmes

Our dedicated specialists can take the stress out of planning your automation campaigns. We’ll review your objectives and by working closely with you design the architecture of your automation campaign, leveraging touch points of your customer journey and ensuring you are delivering the right content at the right time.

Save time, cut costs, and increase engagement by working with our experts to create an automation program in line with your marketing strategy:

  • From simple welcome/on boarding campaigns, to more complex date driven and lead nurturing campaigns. We will map out each step, connect the messaging with the data and create an automation programme with bespoke triggers that will run without you having to lift a finger.
  • Wherever your data is managed, whether it is Salesforce, OpenTable, Microsoft Dynamics or an in-house CRM, our technical team can facilitate integration via our API.
  • Benefit from our Beyond the Click analytics to finely tune your automated campaigns and identify purchase ready customers for your sales team.

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