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Getting to know your clickers...

19 Jul 2016 by Farhan Rehman


If you'd like to know more about CANDDI integration with e-shot™ and ready to build a profile of who's interacting with your emails, then get in touch  with one of our lovely team today and book a demo.

A key part of your email marketing is knowing that your communication is being sent at the right time, to the right people with the right message.

A problem you may be facing however is understanding what your recipients actually do once they’ve been sent your email.

Do they open your email, click a link and read your latest blog? Do they perhaps interact with your email, click through to your website and browse several pages or perhaps they’re more interested in knowing more about you and your portfolio? For many of you, the answer may still be unclear.

e-shot™’s latest integration with CANDDi automatically builds a profile of your suspects, prospects and customers, giving you full visibility of what your audience does after your email has been sent.

It’s now easier than ever to put a face to the name and know who’s interacting with your emails, what makes customers tick, which pages they’ve interacted with, how long they’ve spent on each page, what documents they’ve downloaded and so much more. The integration allows e-shot™ users to boost their knowledge of a recipient’s ‘transactional’ history obtaining:

  • Profile pictures of their recipients
  • Social media platforms
  • How many times they’ve visited your website
  • What pages they’ve viewed
  • First date they visited and the time spent
  • Last visited time and documents downloaded
The CANDDi integration gives users complete visibility of who views their email and the ability to segment users on their customer journey. Your sales team has never been in a better position when identifying warm leads.

To know more about tracking your leads, get in touch with your Account Manager or call us on 020 33208777. If you’re not an e-shot™ customer, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be in touch shortly with some great.examples to show you. Send us your enquiry.


View the recipient’s name and email address along with a picture (often attached to their social media).


View their different social media channels and activity, connecting with leads over multiple channels.


View where they are in the UK and IP location, giving your Sales team better visibility of where their leads are.


You can now view your recipient’s last activity, what page they last viewed and for how long.


Build a picture of what your recipient’s download, the date they downloaded content and what interests they like.  


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