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Changing mind and perception with colour

10 Aug 2015 by Farhan Rehman

We often associate our favourite brands with colours and can spot a brand with just a simple look at a logo.

I found it fascinating how different brands meant different things to different people.

I more or less agree with the chart below and some categories really surprised me...

We can often forget the message a brand is trying to portray and the decades it takes to build a brand with a positive association. With any brand there will be influencers, ambassadors and people who reject them. The perception of a logo, good or bad, can also fall into meanings.

A study showed favourite colours amongst men and women. The similarities are evident to see:

mens 1 womens 2

Colours also have different meanings in different cultures. Research has demonstrated in many cases that the mood-altering effects of colour may only be temporary. A blue room may initially cause feelings of calm, but the effect dissipates after a short period of time.


Do you agree with the charts above? Where does your logo sit?

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