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Top Tips for embracing SMS in your B2B marketing

08 Mar 2017 by Sadie Burgess

Top Tips for embracing SMS in your B2B marketing

We are all addicted to our mobile phones, both for business and pleasure. But what makes it all the more appealing for B2B marketeers is that we are happy to use them to interact with our favourite brands. SMS can boost your results, no matter what your industry, and used well can have a positive and amplifying effect on your communications.

Check out our 5 top tips for making the most of SMS

1. Make it a strategic part of your plan. See where SMS fits with your existing communication plan – would it augment outbound marketing, communicate specific promotions or support your customer service experience?

2. Make it simple. You may think this is a given with a 160 character limit, but many platforms enable longer and more details sends – don’t let that freedom distract you from most effectively communicating your message. Keep it short and sweet.

3. Make it count. SMS has to be treated with respect, as its strength is also a potential weakness.  SMS is probably the most ‘disruptive’ communication media, so if the message you send isn’t strong and worthy of immediate attention you may face higher levels of unsubscribes (compared to email). The average person takes 90minutes to reply to an email, but only 90 seconds to reply to an SMS[1].

4. Fast feedback and top-notch testimonials Capitalise on your customer’s happiness immediately to build your bank of testimonials and nail your NPS.  Timing is everything – customers are more motivated to share positive feedback when they are still basking in the joy of receiving exceptional service.

5. Superb support and champion customer service Keep your customers informed of deliveries, appointment reminders and invitations to events. Not only will these automated SMS messages save you time and money – your customers will love you for it! For more advice and guidance on how to best include SMS in your tactical marketing plan chat to one of our friendly account managers who will be happy to help.


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