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UK technology company, Forfront, develops a platform of digital marketing tools for businesses.

14 Jun 2016 by Farhan Rehman

UK technology company, Forfront, develops a platform of digital marketing tools for businesses.

Despite increasing costs in digital marketing, technology company Forfront, which is most famous for its email marketing platform e-shot™, has recently released Forfront Marketing Tools - a suite of digital marketing tools, providing businesses with an end to end solution for digital strategy.

By hosting these digital tools in one place and giving users the ability to generate easily as much digital marketing output as they want, Forfront has effectively found a way for businesses to reduce the cost of digital marketing whilst being able to actually increase their digital output. Forfront Marketing Tools, so far, includes three digital tools all hosted in one platform.

  • Landing Pages a system that enables users to build dedicated landing pages easily to help maximise conversions at the end of email and marketing campaigns.
  • Events System – a digital tool that enables users to build event registration pages quickly.
  • Newsletter Builder– release imminent. The newsletter builder is a straight-forward tool to be used in conjunction with email marketing and enables users to build newsletters with dynamic content.
These exciting new tools give businesses a holistic digital solution providing stronger engagement with their target audience, maximising conversions and harnessing the power of digital marketing.

"We only released Forfront Marketing Tools a few weeks ago and the feedback so far has been far more speedy and positive than we anticipated.", commented Daniel O’Connell, Head of Marketing at Forfront. “We seem to have struck the right chord with many businesses who essentially want to be able to do digital marketing in their own time, the way they want, without having to pay an external agency with every new campaign.” Forfront initially released the Marketing Tools to its existing e-shot™ customers and, following the feedback, opened it up to all businesses looking for an end-to-end digital marketing solution.

Ken Nathan, Sales and Marketing Director at Forfront explained; "Forfront Marketing Tools cuts out the cost of using a digital agency for each campaign. Whether you need landing pages to boost your conversion rate, the events system for your events strategy or the newsletter builder for your email marketing, there is no longer any need to pay an agency every time you run a campaign or event."

The platform is the latest in a run of recent innovations by Forfront. The technology company has been busy making improvements to its email marketing platform, e-shot™ with new functionality including marketing automation, date-driven campaigns and advanced split testing however Forfront Marketing Tools is the first innovation by Forfront this year which is independent from e-shot™. This means that any business, existing e-shot™ client or not, can take advantage of the suite of digital tools.

Forfront is a technology company based in Epsom, Surrey that is most famous for the email marketing platform, e-shot™. Their team provides businesses with digital marketing solutions, bespoke software, website development and state of the art mobile apps.


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